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By K. A. Applegate

ISBN-10: 0590494309

ISBN-13: 9780590494304

Jake's made a fine looking awesome discovery. it sort of feels like there's people who learn about the invasion. Others who find out about the Yeerks. Jake reveals an internet site dedicated to the Yeerks. And Jake, the opposite Animorphs, and Ax aren't yes it's too strong to be true.

But in the event that they try and examine the positioning and it's a catch, there's no approach the Yeerks won't discover who they're. in the event that they don't test it out, they'll by no means recognize if they're the single ones battling. no matter what Jake and the others choose to do, they've bought to maneuver quick, simply because Visser 3 isn't the one one demise to fulfill them . . .

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