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By William C. Keel

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The formation of galaxies is among the maximum puzzles in astronomy, the answer is shrouded within the depths of house and time, yet has profound implications for the universe we detect this day. This booklet discusses the beginnings of the method from cosmological observations and calculations. It examines different theories of galaxy formation and indicates the place every one idea both succeeds or fails in explaining what we really become aware of. additionally, the booklet seems forward to what we might count on to discover in regards to the epoch of galaxy formation from the recent and upcoming generations of telescopes and know-how.

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1958) ``UÈber den Zusammenhang zwischen Rotverschiebung und scheinbarer Helligkeit'', Astronomische Nachrichten, 284, 109±111. Derivation of the closed-form relations between redshift and various distance measures (such as luminosity and angular diameter) in the traditional cosmological models, as functions of the Hubble constant and deceleration parameter. ; Dalton, G. et al. (2001) ``The 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey: The power spectrum and the matter content of the Universe'', Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 327, 1297±1306.

By this de®nition, although the Magellanic Clouds are not dwarfs, the term does apply to our close neighbors the Seven Dwarfs (as listed in the title of a famous paper by Aaronson, Hodge, and Olszewski (1983): Leo I, Leo II, Ursa Minor, Sculptor, Fornax, Carina, and Draco) and their siblings throughout the Universe. Dwarf galaxies don't ®t comfortably in the Hubble sequence. Most could be shoehorned into the elliptical or irregular classes, but the traditional sequence loses discriminatory power when stretched so far beyond its original domain.

Several of the dwarfs near our Galaxy have undergone multiple episodes of star formation, plausibly triggered by gravitational encounters with the Milky Way. Dwarfs undergoing bursts of star formation are often found to host global winds (``superwinds'') driven by the energy input of the stars' radiation, winds, and supernova explosions. For dwarf systems, these winds are likely to sweep the galaxy free of gas, as traumatic an event in its history as 24 Galaxies today [Ch. 3. The changing appearance of galaxies in di€erent parts of the electromagnetic spectrum is illustrated by this series of images, showing the nearby spiral galaxy M81.

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