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ISBN-10: 1409066770

ISBN-13: 9781409066774

By no means has there been a extra photograph account of the SAS in motion, by no means a mystery so authentically grounded within the twists and turns of undercover battle.

Geordie Sharp, a sergeant within the SAS, is suffering to select up the threads of his military profession. Wounded within the Gulf struggle, he returns to Hereford to discover his domestic lifestyles in tatters. As he trains with Northern eire Troop, a homicide in his relatives fires him with own hatred of the IRA. published to Belfast, he discovers that his adversary is Declan Farrell, a number one participant within the Provisional IRA. Sharp units out to stalk and kill his man.

Relentlessly fascinating and fully unoutdownable, Chris Ryan's Stand via, Stand By is as interesting because the army mystery may be.


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