Download Ökologisches Handeln als sozialer Prozess: Ecological action by Urs Fuhrer (auth.), Prof. Dr. Urs Fuhrer (eds.) PDF

By Urs Fuhrer (auth.), Prof. Dr. Urs Fuhrer (eds.)

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Egalitarians are also eharaeterized by low hierarehy, but have developed a strong sense of group eohesiveness and solidarity. When faeing risks they tend to foeus on long term effeets of human aetivities and are more likely to abandon an aetivity (even if they pereeive it as beneficial to them) than to take ehanees. The third prototype, i. e. the bureaucrats, relies on rules and proeedures to eope with uneertainty. Bureauerats are both, hierarehieal and eohesive in their group relations. As long as risks are managed by a eapable institution and eoping strategies have been provided for all eventualities, there is no need to worry about risks.

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