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Customized healthcare--or what the award-winning writer Donna Dickenson calls "Me Medicine"--is notably reworking our longstanding "one-size-fits-all" version. applied sciences akin to direct-to-consumer genetic checking out, pharmacogenetically constructed treatments in melanoma care, inner most umbilical wire blood banking, and neurocognitive enhancement declare to cater to an individual's particular organic personality, and, every now and then, those applied sciences have proven robust strength. but in others they've got produced negligible or maybe destructive effects. no matter what is in the back of the increase of Me drugs, it isn't simply technological know-how. So why is Me drugs speedily edging out We drugs, and the way has our dedication to our collective healthiness suffered as a result?

In her cogent, provocative research, Dickenson examines the commercial and political components fueling the Me medication phenomenon and explores how, over the years, this paradigm shift in how we procedure our wellbeing and fitness could harm our person and collective health and wellbeing. traditionally, the measures of "We Medicine," resembling vaccination and funding in public-health infrastructure, have notably prolonged our lifestyles spans, and Dickenson argues we've overpassed that fact in our enthusiasm for "Me Medicine."

Dickenson explores how custom-made medication illustrates capitalism's protean potential for developing new items and markets the place none existed before--and how this, instead of medical plausibility, is going far towards explaining inner most umbilical wire blood banks and retail genetics. Drawing at the most recent findings from major scientists, social scientists, and political analysts, she significantly examines 4 attainable hypotheses using our Me medication second: a becoming feel of danger; a wave of sufferer narcissism; company pursuits riding new area of interest markets; and the dominance of non-public selection as a cultural price. She concludes with insights from political idea that emphasize a perception of the commons and the stairs we will take to revive its worth to fashionable biotechnology.

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