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A conservative, bipartisan consensus dominates the dialogue approximately what’s flawed with our colleges and the way to mend them. It bargains “solutions” that scapegoat lecturers, vilify unions, and impose a marketplace mentality. yet in every one case, scholars lose. This e-book, written via teacher-activists, speaks again to that elite consensus and provides an alternate imaginative and prescient of studying for liberation.

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This, in my view, is the deeper sense of monotheism as affirmed in the Jewish prohibition of images and the Islamic idea of ................. 17920$ $CH1 10-26-10 10:30:39 PS PAGE 39 40 Fred Dallmayr tawhid. ) Viewed in terms of releasement, religious freedom is not the monopoly of monotheistic (or loosely Western) religions; the same kind of detachment or exodus from worldly bondage can also be found in pluralist and even nontheistic modes of faith. Taylor gives his example of Mahayana Buddhist teachings with their emphasis on self-overcoming in favor of ‘‘no-self’’ or the present-absence of selfhood.

In classical Muslim contexts, the idea prevailed that historical conditions provide a pretext for the revelation of the Absolute, which expresses itself through and within them. History, in this way, is a stage that the Creator has put in place in order to illustrate His intentions. The new thinkers sought to understand the norms through their relevance for the conditions within which they were received. This can be seen as a reversal of the ‘‘Platonism’’ of traditional Muslim thinkers, and as a way of taking history (more) seriously.

By way of conclusion, I wish to delineate a pedagogy of religious freedom that would safeguard the integrity of religious faith while also preserving its role as ‘‘prophetic witness’’ or as the salt of the earth. Private and Public Faith During long stretches of human history, the public character of religion was obvious and taken for granted. In most societies, religious leaders exercised public power either directly or else in tandem with kings or military-aristocratic elites. According to a widely shared view, worldly society was supposed to be governed by kings and priests—or perhaps priestly kings—in the same way as the universe as a whole is governed by God’s will and spirit.

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