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By David McAfee, Jeremy Robinson

ISBN-10: 0984042326

ISBN-13: 9780984042326

An Iranian terrorist mobile has gotten their palms on weaponized Ergot-B-a compound that factors violent hysteria, insanity and loss of life inside 24 hours-and plan to unharness the weapon on significant towns around the globe. winning deployment might commence a massacre, as these uncovered could kill every person they encountered ahead of succumbing to the compound's deadly results. Erik Somers-Callsign: Bishop, is named in to enquire, yet his first discovery shocks him to the center. Dawoud Abbasi, the terrorist chief making plans to unharness Ergot-B, is his organic father. Bishop, in addition to an undercover Delta operator referred to as Callsign: Joker, race around the unforgiving Iranian desolate tract looking for the Ergot-B. looking solutions, either expert and private, Bishop needs to struggle opposed to a personal securtiy strength, Iranian distinct Forces and males pushed mad through Ergot-B. With the lifetime of his organic mom within the stability, and numerous extra humans in towns all over the world, Bishop needs to name on all his power not to in basic terms continue to exist, but additionally cease the fellow printed as his father-even if that suggests killing him.

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