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Attendance Rule


Attendance on the first and last working day of  every term is compulsory.

  • Parents are requested to plan their holidays as per the schedule of the calendar of
  • Attendance is compulsory on national festivals.
  • Leave except during sickness or death case must be approved by the Principal and mother teacher duly in advance.
  • If leave is availed at unavoidable circumstances leave note must be submitted immediately on the very first day of presence.
  • In case, any student is found neglecting the above rules will have to pay a fine of Rs 250/-
  • Leave note must be submitted in a foolscap paper.


  • Students have to be regular, and punctual to school.
  •  Be dedicated and honest to their work.vMaintain cleanliness in their uniform and classroom.
  • Participate in all activities of the school and follow the rules and regulations of the school.
  • Respect all members of KVGIPS and the society.
  • All students should strictly speak in English in the school campus. Otherwise they will be fined.
  • Things like mobiles, heavy amount, fancy things, eatables are not allowed in the campus. In any case amount sent by the parents has to be informed to the mother teachers.
  • No groupism and casteism must be made.
  • Be polite and well mannered in and out of the school.
  • Any activity done should be under the vigilance of the Principal and the class teachers.


  • Monitor the cleanliness of the students.
  • Monitor the change in behaviour of your ward.
  • Frequent checking of school calendar, curricular and co-curricular updates of the ward.
  •  Show good attitude for the school and its faculties.vAvoid your ward taking leave during regular work days.
  • Responding t o school curriculum, PTA meetings, programmes etc.
  • Inform about the changes in address or phone no.
  • Avoid phoning the Principal and teachers after the school hours except for genuine reason.
  • Parents can meet the Principal between 10.00 a.m. & 11.00 a.m. on working days to discuss any academic matter.
  • Parents can meet the teachers at 4.00 p.m. only with the permission of the school office or Principal and not to disturb during class hours.
  • Parents and guardians are requested to read the rules and regulations carefully and ensure that they are followed by their children.

CONFIRMATION  FROM  STUDENTS  AND  PARENTS  Having knowledge of all the recommendations, rules and regular ions of the school, we promise to extend our cooperation to enforce regularity, punctuality and discipline of the school.