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By John Stuart Mill

ISBN-10: 0865976929

ISBN-13: 9780865976924

Volumes 7 and eight contain Mill’s landmark philosophical paintings A process of common sense, Ratiocinative and Inductive, within which Mill explores the elemental rules of inductive reasoning. during this paintings Mill provides the 5 simple modes of induction, that are referred to now as Mill’s equipment: the tactic of contract, the tactic of distinction, the joint or double approach to contract, the tactic of residues, and that of concomitant adaptations. unlike Aristotle’s syllogisms, that are according to deductive reasoning, good judgment offers an alternative route to wisdom and constitutes a tremendous contribution to the improvement of the medical procedure.

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Rhe word 'damp' primarily signified moist, humid, wet. But the property is often accompanied with the feeling of cold or chillness, and hence the idea of cold is strongly suggested by the word. This is not all. Proceeding upon the superadded meaning, we speak of damping a man's ardour, a metaphor where the cooling is the only circumstance concerned; we go on still further to designate the iron slide that shuts off the draft of a stove, 'the damper,' the primary meaning being now entirely dropped.

The particular word, and oFflie opinions which in different stages of its progress it served to express. To be qualified to define the name, we must know all that has ever been known of the properties of the class of objects which are, or originally were, denoted by it. For if we give it a meaning according to which any proposition will be false which 'has ever been generally e held to be true, it is / incumbent on us to be sure that we know aand have consideredg all which those, who believed the proposition, understood by it.

Rfo make this theory plausible, it was of course necessary _ that the only beneficial actions which people in general were '_accustomed to see, or were therefore m accustomed to praise, should be such as were, or at least might without contradicting obvious facts be supposed to be, the result of *a prudential regard to self-interest; so that _ the words really connoted no more, in common acceptation, than was set down in the definition o Suppose, now, that the partisans of this theory had contrived to introduce p a consistent and undeviating use of the term according to this definition.

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