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By J. D. Taylor

ISBN-10: 1780992610

ISBN-13: 9781780992617

Negative Capitalism: Cynicism within the Neoliberal Era bargains a brand new conceptual framework for knowing the present monetary trouble. via a ranging sequence of analyses and views, it argues that cynicism has develop into culturally embedded within the united kingdom and US as an impact of disempowerment via neoliberal capitalism. but regardless of the deprivation and cave in of key social infrastructure like consultant democracy, welfare, workers' rights and equivalent entry to assets, there has up to now been no collective, potent and sustained overthrow of capitalism. Why is that this?

The book's critical name is for brand new ideas that resolve this narcissistic cynicism, embracing social democracy, constitutional rights, mass bankruptcies and animate sabotage. Kafka, Foucault, Ballard and de Sade are clashed with the X-Factor, ruinporn, London, and the paintings of Laura Oldfield Ford. Negative Capitalism's polemic is written to incite responses opposed to the cynical malaise of the neoliberal period.

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