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By Isaac Asimov

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Strains the historical past of the research of fossils and explains what this has enabled researchers to benefit in regards to the dinosaurs.

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The example given by King is: “The curfew tolls the knell of parting day, where a class of words of which day is a member stuffs ‘de-‘ in front of parting to form departing, thus resolving the many interpretations of parting”. ) A major departure from the Washington ‘lexicographic’ approach was the decision to adopt the ‘stems and endings’ approach for dictionary entries. The arguments were presented by Micklesen, a member of the Washington team who joined IBM in 1960. Despite the large-capacity storage, it was practical on economic grounds not to require dictionary compilers to enter all paradigmatic forms, both because many may never actually occur and because errors from human fallibility were increased.

It can be distinguished from the other noun only by recognition that time-pieces do not usually include animate beings. 3 below). In practice this type of problem can be lessened if texts for translation are restricted to a more or less narrow scientific field, and so dictionaries and grammars can concentrate on a specific ‘sublanguage’ (and this was the argument for ‘micro-glossaries’). 15 and 17) In general, semantic analysis has developed, by and large, as an adjunct of syntactic analysis in MT systems.

Representative collections of articles are to be found in conference proceedings (Edmundson 1961, NATO 1966, NPL 1962) and in collections by Booth (1967) and Bruderer (1982). Bibliographic sources are the major survey articles and Delavenay (1960a), Van Hoof (1973: 464-504), Kent (1960a), Klein (1971) and, in particular, the critical bibliography by Mel’chuk & Ravich (1967). CHAPTER 4: Groups and projects in the United States 1950-66 4. 1: University of Washington (1949-1962) This MT research team was one of the earliest and biggest of those set up during the 1950’s.

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