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David Trevellyan is a Royal army intelligence operative who often works undercover, occasionally with the approval of his masters—and occasionally now not. On a likely basic night, he is taking a lonely late-night stroll among a restaurant and his manhattan urban lodge. a well-known huddled form within the mouth of an alley catches his eye—a homeless guy has been shot to dying.

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So smart about how you present yourself before the cameras. ” “Well, you overestimated me. Because I really screwed up today. What do you think is going to happen to Rue's and Thresh's families? Do you think they'll get their share of our winnings? Do you think I gave them a bright future? ” Peeta sends something else flying, a statue. I've never seen him like this. “He's right, Haymitch,” I say. “We were wrong not to tell him. ” asks Peeta. His voice is quieter now. ” “No. Not officially. I just could tell what Haymitch wanted me to do by what he sent, or didn't send,” I say.

Then he climbs into bed to hold me until I fall back to sleep. After that, I refuse the pills. But every night I let him into my bed. We manage the darkness as we did in the arena, wrapped in each other's arms, guarding against dangers that can descend at any moment. Nothing else happens, but our arrangement quickly becomes a subject of gossip on the train. When Effie brings it up to me, I think, Good. Maybe it will get back to President Snow. I tell her we'll make an effort to be more discreet, but we don't.

It is perfect. So when I rise up on tiptoe to kiss him, it doesn't seem forced at all. The mayor steps forward and presents us each with a plaque that's so large I have to put down my bouquet to hold it. The ceremony's about to end when I notice one of Rue's sisters staring at me. She must be about nine and is almost an exact replica of Rue, down to the way she stands with her arms slightly extended. Despite the good news about the winnings, she's not happy. In fact, her look is reproachful. Is it because I didn't save Rue?

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