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By David Goldhill

ISBN-10: 0307961540

ISBN-13: 9780307961549

A visionary research that may switch the best way we predict approximately overall healthiness care: how and why it really is failing, why increasing insurance will really make issues worse, and the way our healthiness care may be reworked right into a obvious, reasonable, winning system.

In 2007, David Goldhill's father died from infections bought in a medical institution, certainly one of greater than 2 hundred thousand avoidable deaths according to 12 months because of scientific errors. The invoice was once enormous--and Medicare paid it. those situations left Goldhill indignant and made up our minds to appreciate how world-class know-how and body of workers may perhaps coexist with such carelessness -- and the way a enterprise that failed so miserably will be paid in complete. Catastrophic Care is the eye-opening result.

Blending own anecdotes and broad study, Goldhill offers us with cogent, biting research that demanding situations the elemental preconceptions that experience formed our pondering for many years. Contrasting the Island of well-being care with the Mainland of our economic climate, he demonstrates that top expenditures, extra medication, negative provider, and clinical errors are the inevitable results of our insurance-based procedure. He explains why coverage efforts to mend those difficulties have constantly produced perverse effects, and the way the hot reasonable Care Act is prone to deepen than to unravel those issues.

If you think that well-being care is fascinating merely to institutes and politicians, re-evaluate: Catastrophic Care is superb, enticing, and brimming with insights born of questions no one has inspiration to invite. exceptionally it's a ebook of recent rules that may remodel the way in which we comprehend an issue we regularly take for granted.

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