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By Ausonius, Hugh G. Evelyn White (Translator)

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ISBN-13: 9780674991279

Ausonius (Decimus Magnus), ca. 310–ca. 395 CE, a doctor's son, used to be born at Burdigala (Bordeaux). After an excellent schooling in grammar and rhetoric and a brief interval in which he used to be an recommend, he took to instructing rhetoric in a college which he begun in 334. between his scholars used to be Paulinus, who used to be afterwards Bishop of Nola; and he turns out to became a few kind of Christian himself. Thirty years later Ausonius was once known as via Emperor Valentinian to be teach to Gratian, who therefore as emperor conferred on him honours together with a consulship in 379. In 383, after Gratian's homicide, Ausonius retired to Bordeaux. Ausonius's surviving works, a few with deep feeling, a few composed it sort of feels for enjoyable, a few didactic, contain a lot poetry: poems approximately himself and relations, particularly "The day-by-day Round"; epitaphs on heroes within the Trojan battle, memorials on Roman emperors, and epigrams on numerous topics; poems approximately recognized towns and approximately buddies and co-workers. "The Moselle," an outline of that river, is likely one of the so much fashionable of his poems. there's additionally an handle of due to Gratian for the consulship. The Loeb Classical Library version of Ausonius is in volumes; the second one comprises Eucharisticus ("Thanksgiving") by way of Paulinus Pellaeus.

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E. the letters (invented by Cadmus) written on papyrus from Egypt (Melo = the Nile) with ink taken from the cuttle-fish with a reed pen (for Cnidian knots cp. Epist. xv. 20). e. : 5° THE EPISTLES verse and verse ridiculous, take this trumped-up rubbish, this trifling mystery, though with the sheet unrolled thou wilt not be able to comprehend it un- thou dost purge thy wits ten times over with 1 vinegar seasoned with squills, or at Anticyra drink in the sagacity of the Samian nabob. 2 less thy interpreter come to thy aid, he who and revealed to thee the secret of my "Cadmus' little darky-girls, Melo's white page, the marks of the swart cuttlefish, and the knots of 71 Or let read riddles Let him now come to thy help, and cerhe will worry out forthwith what I write playfully.

403 f 7 . 44 THE EPISTLES 25 gift, New Year's of Harmonius whom Scaurus and So many sovereigns take as thy Ursulus, famed Harmonius, whom Claranus, 2 rank Asper, whom Varro would 1 Crates 3 in days, or earlier — as colleague as his equal, or he who gathered the 4 or who placed mangled limbs of sacred Homer 5 verses out mark Harmonius, to spurious symbols Latin and the Attic the of Muse, who glory alike alone dost mingle wine of Chios and Aminaea/' ; : XIV. — Ausonius to Theon Ausonius, whose rod now overawes a sceptre, sends greeting to rustic Theon at Medoc.

21 AUSONIUS incousulta festinatione subiturus. denique pisoneuu, quein tollenonem existimo proprie a philologis appellatum, adhibere, ut iubebas, recenti versuum tuorum lectione non ausus, ea quae tibi iam cursim etenim hoc poposcisti f'uerant recitata, transmisi. atque id ego malui, tu ut tua culpa ad eundem lapidem bis offenderes, ego autem. quaecumque fortuna esset, seinel erubescerem. Vide, mi Paule, quani ineptum lacessieris in verbis eloquendo hiulcum, a propositis discreexpertem, in capantem, villando nee natura venustum nee arte eonditum, diluti salis, f'ellis ignavi, nee de niimo planipedem nee de comoediis histrionem.

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