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Despite the chill, her blouse stuck to her. Danny Alverez was dead, murdered. ” She had her first big story, yet in the pit of her stomach the butterflies had turned into cockroaches. CHAPTER 6 Saturday, October 25 Nick gritted his teeth, then swallowed the mouthful of thick, cold coffee. Why was he surprised to find it tasted just as bitter cold as it did hot? It reminded him how much he hated the stuff, but he poured another cup, anyway. Maybe it wasn’t the taste he hated as much as the memories.

He was safe. And now, finally, the boy was safe, too. CHAPTER 4 The rancid smell clung to Nick. He wanted to crawl out of his clothes, but the scent of river and blood was already soaked deep into his pores. He peeled off his shirt and thanked Bob Weston for the FBI Windbreaker. The sleeves stopped six inches above his wrists, and the fabric stretched tight across his chest. The zipper stuck halfway up. He knew he must look and smell like a putz. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw Eddie Gillick, one of his deputies, elbow his way through the crowd of FBI agents, uniformed cops and other deputies just to hand Nick a damp towel.

Thanks also must go to Patti El-Kachouti, Marlene Haney, Nicole Keller, Kenny and Connie Kava, Natalie Cummings, Sandy Rockwood and Margaret Shoemaker. Finally, thanks to Bob Shoemaker. This wouldn’t have been the type of book Bob would even have read, but that would not have stopped him from being proud of me and telling everyone he met about it. ” Ronald Jeffreys’ raspy monotone made the phrase a challenge rather than a confession. Father Stephen Francis stared at Jeffreys’ hands, mesmerized by the large knuckles and stubby fingers, nails bitten to the quick.

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