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By Dr A Jack Whitehead, Jean McNiff

ISBN-10: 141290854X

ISBN-13: 9781412908542

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ISBN-13: 9781847874641

Motion learn: residing concept is a brilliantly-written, passionate, and compelling e-book that defines the philosophy in the back of motion study and the method of doing motion study for all these attracted to this quickly becoming zone. It establishes the rules of motion study as a self-discipline, and roots motion examine as a compassionate, moral, and politically-engaged kind of inquiry.

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He said that practice was a form of real-life theorizing. As we practise, we observe what we do and reflect on it. We make sense of what we are doing through researching it. We gather data and generate evidence to support our claims that we know what we are doing and why we are doing it (our theories of practice), and we test these knowledge claims for their validity through the critical feedback of others. These theories are our living theories. Jack is in education, so he works with living educational theories.

Comprehending the real as rational means looking for reasons, purposes and empirical evidence. In this case, the form that thinking takes can be of different kinds, and these different kinds inform different kinds of knowledge and different kinds of theory. qxd 2/6/2006 12:35 PM Page 35 Contexts of our Research In the same way as we have distinguished three different kinds of theory, so we can distinguish at least three different kinds of logic. Propositional theories use a propositional form of logic, and value propositional ways of knowing; dialectical theories use a dialectical form of logic and value dialectical ways of knowing; and living theories use a living form of inclusional logic and value living and inclusional ways of knowing.

It is the same in the field of theory. There are different kinds of theory, and no one kind is ‘the’ correct kind (in the same way that there is no such thing as ‘the’ scientific method; while there is scientific method, it does not come in only one form). However, many writers of textbooks prioritize one kind (their own), so they claim that their kind of research and theory is ‘the’ right one. Skinner and Thorndike held theories about stimulus and response relationships, and promoted the idea that these were the correct ones for explaining most human practices.

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