Dress Code

UNIFORM : The attire which makes us feel united in spite of various discrimination outside the school is uniform.

  1. Red uniform : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  2. Sports Uniform : Wednesday & Saturday

Note for boys:

  1. Proper hair cut to be done periodically.
  2. No use of hair gels and perfumes.
  3. Students are not supposed to wear watches except during examination.
  4. Nails have to be clipped periodically.
  5. No fancy things or commodities other than the school requirements are to be brought.


Note for Girls:

  1. Single red bangle
  2. Black clips or ribbons
  3. Small bindi, Small studs.
  4. No Mahanadi, (for any reason)
  5. No nail polish
  6. Long hair below shoulders to be plaited (two) and folded with
  7. Short hair neatly pinned.

House Uniforms:

The school is divided into four houses acting with various group events.

Red  Ruby

  • Red t- shirt White
  • Black Pant


Blue  Sapphire 

  • Blue t- shirt White
  • Black Pant

Green  Emerald

  • Green t- shirt White
  • Black Pant

Yellow Diamond

  • Yellow t- shirt White
  • Black Pant